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I have to put the loop version online as well ^^.
Basically this is just the first vers and ref but I can here for eternity while playing Tremulous (free online shooter).

Have fun listening: /403150

New Song is out

2011-03-01 02:35:17 by Agia

The name is "Spring break" and it is more of a punk song. I had real fun doing it. /402938

Merry Christmas everybody

2010-12-24 02:55:27 by Agia

Yay ir's 24th december, have fun everybody ^^

New "song" tension_llop out

2010-11-09 15:39:15 by Agia

Well it is short, but it was fun ;-)

A new song is online. Check it out, it's awesome. /350247

Greetz Agia

New Song "Leaving" online

2010-06-30 15:19:19 by Agia

Well I think the title says it all. The first of the songs to follow. This time it's a calm song, completely different from the other ones.

2 songs online, more to come

2010-06-11 05:19:22 by Agia

Step by step I will also upload my older songs. They are more calm and not so much rock, but they are also nice.

New song nearly finished

2010-06-07 02:14:52 by Agia

I'am only mastering it and it should be finished within the days.

Hello Newgrounds

2010-05-07 03:39:34 by Agia

I have been on Newgrounds for years, it's time to get a profile and upload some music of mine. A pity that I cannot draw well, but I hope I will find my music in some Flash projects someday.
Well, hello Newgrounds, here I come ^^