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Pirates - wip - plane Pirates - wip - plane

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome Background, good rythm, wheres main melody

The background is awesome! You can feel that you are in the carribean sea. Where did you get the background sounds?

The xylophone is good and fits fine to the shaker. However it sounds more like a rythm instrument. I think adding a new isntrument for the still missing main melody could add a lot of flair and feeling (woodwinder or vocal).

The whole song reminds me of the monkey island theme (and I love that song ;-))... buts it's still different. Give it a melody and it can be truely awesome ;-)

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Maverlyn responds:

like i mentioned in the Author Comments i really need someone to add some cool flute sounds to make this inte something worth posting.

Update: i got some more ppl to help me with this :P

Monkey Mask Monkey Mask

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good song, with a bit room for improvment

The song itself is very good. I like the instruments and I like the style. It would have been nice if you have repeated the theme as ending once more without distortion. One note only is not enough for me ;-).

Technical you can do some things. The overall sound is a bit dull. There are simply not enough high frequencies. You could try to put a lowcut filter on your e-guitars between 100-200Hz to "tidy up" low frequencies. In my opinion the drums could also be a litte bit louder.

All in all a very nice song indeed ;-)

hpanic responds:

ok... thx

Violet Kingdom (tM Remix) Violet Kingdom (tM Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice techno song

I am really not a techno fan, but this song has really something. I can imagine it as a cool background for some flashgames.

Very good sound, effects well placed, good changing in main instrumen so it keeps interesting. Only disadvantage: It's techno :P, but apart from that really nice work!

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typeMARS responds:

thx for listening.